Online Trading Platform: Finding the Best Stockbroker in 2021

Online Trading Platform: Finding the Best Stockbroker in 2021

Have you ever wished to buy shares of some of the top companies? If so, you need to set up an online trading platform account with an online broker. But keep in mind that not all trading platforms are the same!

In the last few years, online trading has become much easier. Now investors can simply sit in a café and trade on stocks by using their smartphone. It is only required to have a mobile banking application, a good internet connection, sufficient funds in your bank account, and a subscription to a trading account.

Having all of this established, the most important thing that you have to take care of, right in the beginning stages of your trading journey is the actual digital values that you are going to focus on. This implies the fact that there is an abundance of different digital currencies that are part of this particular notion, which offer a variety of unique features. 

Are you planning to invest in the online trading market? In this case, you need to be aware of the basics to start trading with confidence. This guide will give you the hands-on information about online trading you need to pick the right stocks, the online trading platform, and much more.

Online trading is all about trading securities by using an online trading platform. The various brokers enable investors to trade with different

financial instruments like mutual funds, commodities, and equities.

You will come across online trading platforms that help traders to buy or sell stocks, different currencies and even crypto. If you wish to trade on the online trading market, the first thing you need to do is to start an online trading account.


How To Start Trading On The Online Trading Platform?

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If you wish to start trading online, it is essential to open a Demat and Trading Account first with a reliable stockbroker. After opening the account, you can use your online trading platform to check charts, historical data, stock prices, and other details that will help you make an

informed decision when trading.

It will also help you to get your foot in buying and selling shares on the online stock market. Here we will discuss the basic steps you need to follow to trade on online platforms successfully.

Finding The Best Stockbroker

Initially, you have to find an online stockbroker – who will help you start a Demat and Trading Account. The trading accounts are necessary for you you to buy or sell in the stock market. As for the Demat account, it stores the shares you bought in digital format.

While selecting the stockbroker, look out for the opening charges as well as transaction and maintenance fees. Depending on your country the availability of brokers can also vary. For example, some of the UK online brokers may not be available in the South Africa. Make sure to research options relevant to your current location.

Next, you will have to find out the brokerage fees charged for the services provided. The brokerage fee is typically is of two types, such as:


1) A flat amount per trade, irrespective of how much the trading volume is. 

2) An amount depending on the trading volume of your specific order.


What Are Some Of The Best Online Brokers In 2021?

Let’s have a look at the list of some of the best online brokers for 2021:

1) TD Ameritrade – best suited for beginners. 

2) Charles Schwab – offers the best IRA accounts

3) Fidelity – suitable for investors who trade daily. 

4) Interactive Brokers – a perfect choice for professional traders. 


Opening a Demat and Trading Account


Initially, you have to fill out the online account opening form with your broker. The registration process is quite easy and won’t take more than 15 minutes. The steps include:


1. Visit the website of the broker company and click on the account opening form.

2. Enter the basic information details like name, pan number, email ID, date of birth, etc.

3. Provide your bank details and address.

4. Submit documents to verify proof of address and proof of identity.

5. Choose the subscription plan that you can afford.

6. Complete the self-verification procedure by recording a short video of yourself and submit it if needed.

7. Using the OTP (one-time-password) sent to your linked mobile number, make sure to e-sign your registration form.

8. Submit the application and you will get a confirmation regarding your login credentials and account opening within a short time.


Log into your trading account and add money


Once you have created your online trading account, you can log into your account and explore the online trading platform. You can also add money to your trading account by transferring it from your bank account. 


Find out details about your stock and start trading


Now that you’re all set to start trading on online platforms, you can take a look at the live market to find out the share prices. Choose any share and find out more about its historical prices, charts, and so on. Once your analysis is complete, you can start buying the shares and begin your journey on online stock investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is TD Ameritrade Considered The Best Stock Broker For Beginners?


Taking into consideration over 30 variables, TD Ameritrade offers the best trading options for beginners. It offers a diverse and wide selection of educational content. Beginners can make use of their progress tracking, monthly webinars, quizzes, and videos.

Is It Legit And Safe To Trade On Online Trading Platforms?


Absolutely! With numerous advanced authentication and security measures in place, trading online has become much more secure. Now, all brokerage houses need to use the T-PIN generated by CDSL. The T-PIN authentication mechanism uses an OTP, which must be verified for you to place orders through CDSL Demat accounts.

Do I Need To Be Experienced To Start Trading On Online Platforms?


Not necessarily! You don’t have to be experienced professionals to start trading on the online stock market. Once you open your Demat and trading account, you can slowly start buying or selling stocks using the simple instructions from your broker. You will also come across very

informative demo videos and sessions online. You can also search the web to find out the various trading strategies and processes to do online trading successfully.


Closing Thoughts on Trading


Investing with an online trading platform is a lifelong game! Relax, take your time and avoid rushing. You need not hurry and make decisions while trading in the online stock market. The best advice is to keep it simple and start with a small amount to invest. Pay careful attention and learn from each trade you make. Keep your head cool and invest in the stock market based on the data available to you.