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Never Pay for Power Again

First Green Bank is now offering a new residential solar loan program.

Aren’t sure whether solar panels are for you? Use our Residential Solar Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much money you’d save! Once you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call or visit one of our locations. Our representatives are more than happy to assist you with your application.


Fixed Rate

6.096% APR*

20 Year


Instant Savings


Fixed Rate

6.096% APR*

20 year



Residential Solar Energy Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to estimate your costs and how much you could save before you apply.

Size of Property

1,200 ft2
<1,000 ft2 >5,000 ft2

Approximate Installation Cost

$3.5 per watt

Average Monthly Electric Bill

$ 250
<$100 >$800

Approximate Monthly Electricity Usage

1,200 kwh
Net Zero (100%)

Use the Sliders to Calculate

Click here to contact your First GREEN Bank branch for more details

Based on the calculation, your building requires a 10 kW system

Approximated Installation Cost


30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for Solar

Tax Credit


Apply Now

Please visit our consumer loan page for more information related to this loan.

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Average Monthly Electric Bill


Average Monthly Loan Payment




*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and payments are based on a $26,000 loan, effective 10/1/2014

Payments are calculated on a 20 year term. The first 3 months are interest only based on the loan amount outstanding, followed by 236 monthly consecutive principal and interest payments of $186.79 and on the 240th month, on final payment of $187.50. Installation cost is calculated as a representative sample of a 2,000 sq. ft. home. Certain terms or conditions may apply and offer of credit is subject to credit approval. All systems must be installed by an approved First GREEN Bank vendor and must be warrantied for a minimum of the loan term. Interest rate and terms are subject to change without notice. Limited time offer.

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