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The Hybrid Flex Business CD helps you maximize the return on your investment and provides additional flexibility. With a low opening deposit amount, a rate adjustment, and daily compounding, the HYRBRID FLEX Business CD provides flexibility for those who need it. Click here to view current rates.

Opening an account is as easy as printing the account application, filling out the information and faxing it or bringing it to one of our locations. We also have forms at our branches if you prefer to fill out the application at our office.


  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000 required
  • Make additional deposits in increments of $100 up to one-half the initial principal balance
  • One withdrawal of up to one-half the initial principal balance without penalty during the original term.
  • Increase the rate one time during the term if the Bank’s rate increases
  • Interest is compounded daily and can be credited monthly, quarterly or paid at maturity at your discretion