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The First GREEN Bank Story

First GREEN Bank, which opened in February 2009, was organized by experienced banking executives and business leaders in Our MissionCentral Florida. Ken LaRoe is the founder and former CEO of Florida Choice Bank which was founded in 1999. In 2006 with more than $400 million in total assets, Florida Choice Bank was acquired by Alabama National BanCorporation. Ken is now focused on First GREEN Bank and wants to change why America does business.

By promoting green building and sustainability through our bank, we can help other businesses realize the value in doing the same, and we hope to motivate them to expand their focus to include environmentally responsible goals.

Our Approach
Our approach to the community and the Earth are what set us apart from other banks. While we are a traditional customer-driven community bank providing personalized service, localized decision-making and extended banking hours, First GREEN Bank is the first bank of its kind to promote positive environmental and social responsibility while providing for increased profits for investors and clients.

First GREEN Bank promotes environmental responsibility and green building by offering lower interest rates for commercial projects that meet green building certification defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Gold and platinum certified projects qualify for the lowest interest rates in order to motivate commercial developers to build green while at the same time making it possible to realize increased profits.

Lead by Example
First GREEN Bank leads by example, promoting environmentally responsible behavior through its own business and employees. Our loan officers are LEED Accredited Professionals in order to better assist clients and we cover the cost for and offer salary increases to all employees who attain LEED Professional Accreditation. FGB will provides zero interest loans to employees who buy automobiles that exceed 30 miles per gallon, and offers paid sabbaticals to employees who engage in environmentally responsible projects. FGB also provides green building expertise, networking, and product resources through its web site and staff so clients have all the necessary tools available to help ensure successful green building projects.

Clermont and Eustis First Locations
FGB opened with branches in Clermont and Eustis, Florida. The Eustis location opened in a temporary building while a new LEED certified sustainable building is constructed nearby. The new building will be built among old oak trees and will include a sustainable architectural design that includes; a green roof, low water consumption plumbing, solar power, water cisterns, Florida-friendly low-water use landscaping, recycled building materials, natural lighting and many other features that make up the gold or higher LEED certification.  Future branch locations will be built to similar standards. 

We believe that leading by example will help us achieve success by attracting like-minded investors, depositors, and clients.

We hope you will consider banking with First GREEN Bank.

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