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First Green Bank will close at noon on Nov 22 and remain closed through Nov. 23, to allow employees to honor the Thanksgiving holiday.

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First Green Bank offers many types of business loan products to meet your needs. We are always happy to assist you and make it easy by providing personalized service and customizable products.

Terms and Conditions of the commercial mortgage relief rate:
Must be owner occupied, loan not currently financed by First GREEN Bank, minimum loan amount of $500,000, mininum loan origination fee is 0.5% of the amount financed, mininum 10% compensating balance in deposit account, promotion subject to change at banks discretion, credit is subject to approval.

We currently offer:

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We realize that each customer is different and we work with you to find the best product that will meet your current need. To find out if you qualify for a commercial loan, refinancing, equipment loan, or any other loan product, please give us a call or visit our location and our branch will connect you to one of our Commercial Bankers. If you live in a market outside of our geographic area, please call a Commercial Banker at one of our locations.

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